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Catch The Twain

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Experience Mark Twain!

Experience the historic Mark Twain come to life again to talk about his life, philosophies, and vision which made him the unique personality and writer known throughout the world. If you have ever wished to ask a question of Mark Twain then now is your time to learn about Mark Twain.

Warren Brown is one of the premier Mark Twain impersonators who has spent his life learning about the real Mark Twain so as to educate future generations to learn from his life. Warren has traveled the country interacting with children, companies, and curious individuals to bring back to life Mark Twain so people can once again hear of Mark Twain's life adventures and world views.


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Warren was the keynote speaker at the CCEDC’s Annual Meeting held on May 21, 2009. As Mark Twain, Warren’s humorous and light hearted presentation was well received by the 216 plus business leaders and elected officials in the Chippewa Valley
— Charlie Walker
As you continue to bring Mark Twain to life or engage in other public humanities activities, I will be happy to be a reference for you whenever needed. I will speak to your professionalism, your humor, your intellect, and your unfailing dedication to making a difference in peoples’ lives. Thank you for all you do.
— Christopher Sommerich
Your portrayal of Mark Twain was truly outstanding!
— Tammy Martin
I appreciate your quick response to requests for photos and background information. You made my job a snap
— Lynda Haller
Mr. Brown’s interaction with students is phenomenal, as he constantly engages them by asking questions, making them part of a ‘discussion,’ and drawing them into becoming parts of Twain’s satirical stories and witty anecdotes. It is truly a pleasure for staff and students to step back in time and ‘meet’ the Mark Twain they read about.
— Erik J. Borne
His show proved how much the Illinois Humanities Council was justified in awarding Mr. Brown the Studs Terkel Humanities Service Award in 2000 for his over 1000 portrayals (since 1996) of Samuel Langhorne Clemens, better known by his pen name of Mark Twain.
— Wolf D Fuhig Ph.D.



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